Why not opera? Why not us? Why not Korngold?

As our company finds itself in the position of reviving and reclaiming forgotten works of Jewish Operetta composers,  it only makes sense that we turn our lens to the world of Opera, which suffered a similar fate at the hands of The Third Reich. One of the most unjustly neglected composers was Erich Korngold. Despite his successful film scores in his time of exile, Korngold, the master orchestrator and child prodigy, found that his operas were to be considered too romantic and anachronistic for post-war Europe and the United States.  As the world steered away from pre-war Romanticism, Korngold who received two Oscars for his film scores and largely shaped the sound of Hollywood, was unable to have his Opera works performed.  Die Töte Stadt, written when he was 22, was his last successful work.  His last opera Die Kathrin, has never received a U.S. premiere and has been only performed a handful of times worldwide. As part of The Korngold Initiative, we are working to raise money to bring the show to Chicago for its American premiere.  We are uniquely suited to the task as a company with a proven track record in the field of rare neglected works. Since 2009 we have presented a large body of unknown works at a fraction of the price of other companies, while not sacrificing the quality of the work and the intentions of the  composers. Be part of the Folks Operetta Experience and make your donation today.