2015 Auditions for Madame Pompadour, The Girl in the Train and Arizona Lady

Directors: Amy Hutchinson (Madame Pompadour)  and Elizabeth Margolius (The Girl in the Train).

Conductor:  Anthony Barrese.

Performance Dates and Locations:

Madame Pompadour by Leo Fall at the Vittum Theater in Chicago July 17 - August 2, 2015 (10 Shows)

The Girl in the Train by Leo Fall at the Madison Street Theater in Oak Park  September 4 - 13, 2015 (7 Shows)

Arizona Lady by Emmerich Kálmán (theater to be announced) Dates TBD Semi-staged live concert performance and recording for NAXOS Label.

The shows will feature a 21-piece orchestra. The shows will be sung in English.

This will be the Chicago premiere of  Leo Fall’s operetta masterpiece Madame Pompadour and his rarely performed marital farce The Girl in the Train.  Anthony Barrese, conductor and music director of Opera Southwest will conduct the 21-piece orchestras.  All performers are paid. No housing is provided.

What To Sing/perform: (read carefully)

Sing two 32 bar selections (opera, operetta or musical theater) of contrasting styles, which show full range and acting ability. At least one selection must be in English. Seeking singers (no pop) and dancers who sing.  An accompanist will be provided. The singer must also prepare a one minute memorized comic monologue. (no selections from An Ideal Husband)  Please submit an audition request to Alison Kelly at chicagofolksoperetta@gmail.com.

What to bring: (read carefully)

1) 3 resumes with most recent experience.
2) An 8×10 headshot. (no exceptions)
3) Your personal calendar with lists of conflicts. (This is very important)

What DATE/ TIMES:(read carefully) *****Directions (click)

Feb. 28 2-6 PM  St. Christopher’s Church 545 S. East Ave. Oak Park, IL
March 7 from 2-6 PM St. Christopher’s Church 545 S. East Ave. Oak Park, IL
March 9 from 6:30-10 PM at St. Christopher’s Church, 545 S. East Ave. Oak Park, IL
Call backs TBA

Madame Pompadour, by Leo Fall

Directed by Amy Hutchinson////Conducted by Anthony Barrese

July 17 to Aug. 2  10 Performances!

Rehearsals begin June 1 and show runs July 17 -August 2 at the Vittum Theater in Chicago.

Married Count René, in Paris for Carnival, meets his friend, the rebellious bohemian poet Joseph Calicot at a tavern. The king’s mistress, Madame Pompadour, accompanied by her  maid and confidant, Belotte, arrives at the same tavern in search of distraction from the dreary formalities of courtly life. Hot on her heels is the king’s chief of police, Maurepas, and his spy Poulard, who are hoping to catch Madame Pompadour in a compromising position. When René picks up an attractive girl, she is revealed to be Madame Pompadour.  Rene is placed under arrest. Pompadour gains him a reprieve, but she demands that he serve as her personal bodyguard and that Calicot write a birthday play for the King. René’s wife, Madeleine, arrives in search of her missing husband.  Pompadour discovers that Madeleine is her long-lost sister. King Louis XV wants to catch Madame Pompadour with her alleged lover. But all ends happily, as clever Madame Pompadour is able to prove her innocence, and Rene and Madeleine are reunited.

Cast Breakdown-

Madame  Pompadour - lyric soprano

King Louis XV-(king of France)- baritone

Rene, Comte d’Estrades- tenor

Madeleine, Comtesse d’Estrades-mezzo

Belotte (lady in waiting to Madame Pompadour)- soprano

Joseph Calicot- tenor

Maurepas (chief of police)-baritone

Poulard (police spy)-tenor

Prunier (tavern owner)

Collin (Head Chamberlain for Madame Pompadour)-tenor

Bouchet (court painter)-baritone

Tourelle (head porcelain maker)-baritone

Austrian Ambassador-tenor

Lieutenant Corneille-(commander of the guard)





Ensemble-courtiers, bohemians, soldiers and grisettes.

Most roles have solos or small ensemble groupings.  All roles are open.  Age ranges will vary.  All ages welcome.

The Girl in the Train-by Leo Fall

Directed by Elizabeth Margolius////Conducted by Anthony Barrese

September 4 - 13   8 Performances

Rehearsals begin July 25 and show runs Sept. 4 - 13

This delightful and screwball comic operetta by Leo Fall and Victor Leon tells the story of young Gonda van der Loo, a practicioner of free love, and her chance encounter on a train. Gonda, while travelling on an overnight train to Holland, finds herself without a sleeping car berth. A young gentleman, Karel van Lyssweghe, generously offers his compartment to her. The two, however, become locked in the compartment. Their cries and knocks go unheard and they are forced to spend the night together. Young Karel’s wife finds out and they are soon headed to divorce court. After many complications and high jinks the two are reunited.  They are so smitten that even the divorce court judge  manages to find his true love. First written in 1908 this wonderful show had not been seen or heard in the United States in over 80 years.

Cast Breakdown-

Karel van Lysseweghe (State Secretary)-tenor

Jana, his wife-soprano

Pieter te Bakkenskjil, Jana’s Father-baritone

Gonda van der Loo-soprano

Prosecuter de Leije-tenor

Lucas van Deesteldonck- Head judge-baritone


Dender- Judges-tenor

Scrop- Sleeping car conductor-tenor

Adeline-Scrop’s fiance-soprano

Willem Krouweliet, fisherman

Martje, his wife

Professor Tjonger-expert witness

Professor Wiesum - expert witness


Arizona Lady Cast Breakdown- Dates to be announced- Concert performance

Cast Breakdown

Nelly Nettleton, peddler- soprano or mezzo

Lona Farrell, ranch owner- soprano

Roy Dexter, cowboy-  tenor

Chester Kingsbury, apprentice at the sunshine ranch- tenor

Slaughter, ex-ranch manager- baritone

Harry Sullivan, sheriff- baritone

Lopez Ibanez- baritone

Algernon Galahad Bentchley, Englishman- tenor

Bonita, a Mexican dancer

Uncle Cavarelli, magician- tenor

Ensemble cowboys, cowhands and townspeople

Most roles have solos or small ensemble groupings.  All roles are open. Age ranges will vary.  All ages welcome.

Chicago Folks Operetta is a 501(c)3 non-profit theater company and an equal opportunity employer.  AGMA  card holders must submit release forms to participate in our productions.