Chicago Folks Operetta in Concert

Come join us on a journey back to The Great War as we explore and revisit the forgotten operettas of World War I.  Operetta, at the height of its popularity when the war broke out,  found itself in the unusual position of being  a vehicle for the propaganda of nations.  Whether Axis or Allied, the operetta stars and composers of the time joined their nation’s war effort delivering patriotic messages and raising money. During the late years of the war the thin line that once separated  operetta and cabaret was breeched, as the political song writing so common to the cabaret stage now found voice in operetta.  Operetta would not only survive, but also thrive during one of the most destructive wars in history.  This multi-media concert looks at how the operetta industry survived The Great War, by performing excerpts of some of the forgotten World War I operettas, as well as examine the role of operetta in wartime propaganda efforts.

The Great War

The show will feature a speaker, 4 singers performing the music of Emmerich Kálmán, Leo Fall, Henri Christine, Ivor Novello,  Harold Fraser-Simson and Franz Lehár, as well as images from the Great War.

Featuring singers:

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